The Namesake

Every good watering hole has some sorted or twisted story about it's origins and how it came to be. Most are passed down from generation-to-generation with each generation taking artistic liberty with the sacred truth. Over the centuries many of the worlds famous drinking establishments paid tribute to a mother, a sister, a wife, a mistress, or a pet (??) by marking their names above their entryway. Leemy McGee's is no exception to the traditional inspiration that has brought to life many great pubs and taverns across these great lands.

This is the story of how Leemy McGee's came to be and where this mighty Tavern got it's name ... the inspirational namesake we know (and love) in our family as "Hershey Kiss": Our Chocolate Lab...

The Namesake "Hershey Kiss"

The Naming of The Namesake

(the many sorted nick-names ...
in semi-chronological order)

Hershey Kiss









Shleemy McGee


--> Leemy McGee <--

Leemy McDooghal




... and so it goes, and it will continue forever as the inspiration for newly coined nicknames never seems to expire or fade thanks to the daily, nay, HOURLY escapades of the Chocolate Lab in our household known (originally) as
"Hershey Kiss" ...

Other Inspirations

(the sorted other bits of inspiration ...
not in chronological order)

An unused Game Room

A lifelong dream to own an Irish Tavern

A lifetime of excuses why I couldn't own an Irish Tavern

Turning 40 and still not owning an Irish Tavern

A silly little Chocolate Lab

A wonderful wife who said I could

A reason to cut wood

A father-in-law with a table saw

A father-in-law with a truck

Manly tools and such

Lowes is 5 minutes away

Home Depot is 5 minutes away

... and yes, I saved it for last ...  The number one "other" inspiration to build an Irish Tavern was ...

So I could finally say:

 "I own a freaking Irish Tavern"
(I know it's not a real one!)